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Built to power you and your trailer off-road, the Sierra HD AT4 offers towing up to 21,130 lbs.†

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


The available HD surround vision system provides up to a class-leading, available 15 camera views† and multicolor 15" diagonal Head-Up Display with Off-Road Inclinometer and HD Surround Vision† help drivers stay connected and in command.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


Sierra HD AT4’s adventurous exterior appearance comes complete with premium black chrome finishes, modern red details, best-in-class heavy-duty Cargo Bed Volume† and a heap of truck bed enhancements.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


The comfortable, expansive cabin features a unique athletic interior with Jet Black with Kalahari accents that gives the Sierra HD AT4 increased durability with the same premium feel.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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The 2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD AT4 is an astonishing car because of all the incredible features it has. Primarily, this car has a design to tolerate all types of road conditions to give the passengers and cargo a smooth ride. Ideally, its suspension system plays a significant role in absorbing shock on rough, bumpy roads, ensuring that the vehicle moves smoothly regardless of the terrain. This feature will excite drivers in Baton Rouge, LA, and Louisiana, as they can drive on any road with this car. This piece has outlined some essential features of this 2021 GMC Sierra 2500HD AT4 found in our dealership in Baton Rouge, LA.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4

Sierra Exterior

The Exterior

The exterior of this car is beautiful, but at the same time, it is also monstrous, which indicates how powerful this car is. At its front, it has an air induction system that allows cool, dense air to enter into the car's powertrain. Ideally, when air enters into the powertrain and circulates adequately, it helps maximize the engine's horsepower, and in turn, helps boost the performance of the powertrain.

The lighting on this car's exterior is also more advanced than that of other vehicles in its class because all the lights have LEDs, and they also have a massive intensity. Moreover, Sierra 2500HD AT4 also has a side-bed step designed to help someone access things stored in the cargo-bed.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4

Comfort and Convenience

Sierra 2500 HD AT4 Interior

Impressively, this vehicle's interior is of high-quality material that makes it look luxurious and uniquely beautiful. The seats are incredibly comfortable because of the high-quality material on them, and it is also possible to enhance their comfortability by adjusting them. Moreover, the seats also have a unique heating function, which keeps you warm when the weather is cold, enhancing your comfortability. This vehicle's steering wheel is also excellent because it has a heating function to keep the driver warm and comfortable when they are behind the wheel.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4

The Innovation

Advanced Technology

The technological features in this car are excellent because they enhance the efficiency of using this vehicle. For starters, it has cameras in almost all directions connected to the touchscreen on the dashboard, and they allow the driver to get a clear view of all directions around the car. The Sierra 2500HD AT4 also has internet connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone to the internet and play your favorite music through its excellent infotainment system with a perfect audio output system. Furthermore, it also has phone charging places that are wireless, making it convenient for you to charge your phone.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4

Powerfully Efficient

The Performance

Generally, this car has powerful powertrains that can provide it with sufficient power, enabling it to perform all its essential functions. Furthermore, it also offers you two different powertrains choices. The first powertrain option you have is a V-8 engine with 6.6 liters and a horsepower of 404. The second option is still a V-8 powertrain, but it is an upgraded version because it has an impressive horsepower of 445. Ideally, while both engines are efficient in powering the vehicle, the upgraded V-8 engine is much more efficient.

It enables this car to accelerate correctly, even when it is towing massive cargo. This car's durability is remarkable because of some excellent fixtures like its suspension system, for instance. Its suspension system is made of quality material, enabling it to absorb shock when the car moves on difficult terrain. It also has a unique steering system that makes the car super easy to drive even for new drivers because of its swiftness in making sharp and smooth turns.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4

Safety Technologies

The Safety

Primarily, the safety of this vehicle is unquestionable because of all the outstanding safety features it has. For instance, it has a forward collision mitigation system that is essential in preventing many accidents. Ideally, the system uses a special sensor to detect objects, cars, or people in front of the car, and it alerts the driver to stop. Nonetheless, if the car is not stopped, the system also works with an emergency braking system to stop the vehicle.

Additionally, it also has a cruise control feature that also helps in preventing accidents. Uniquely, the system can determine the speed of the cars in front, and it regulates the speed of the Sierra 2500HD AT4 relative to the speed of the other cars to prevent a collision.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


Displays the gap time in seconds between your vehicle and a detected vehicle you’re following. This can help you decide if you are following much too closely. Available on base Sierra HD, SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


Can warn you if it detects a potential front-end collision with a vehicle you're following so you can quickly take action. The system can also provide a tailgating alert if you are following a vehicle much too closely. Available on base Sierra HD, SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


Works with Forward Collision Alert to help you avoid or reduce the severity of a front-end collision with a detected vehicle you are following. This feature works at speeds below 50 MPH. Camera technology is used to automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver’s hard braking. Available on base Sierra HD, SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


Can provide side-mirror visual alerts when a detected moving vehicle is quickly approaching or is in your side blind zone. Available on base Sierra HD, SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 HD AT4


Can alert you to detected left- or right-cross traffic behind you when in Reverse. Available on Sierra HD, SLE, SLT, and AT4. Standard on Denali.

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