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When you pair the available Allison 10-speed automatic transmission with the available 6.6L Duramax Turbo-Diesel V8 engine, you can tow with absolute command and control.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


Sierra HD AT4’s adventurous ext erior appearance comes complete with premium black chrome finishes, modern red details, best-in-class heavy-duty Cargo Bed Volume† and a heap of truck bed enhancements.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


The comfortable, expansive cabin features a unique athletic interior with Jet Black with Kalahari accents that gives the Sierra HD AT4 increased durability with the same premium feel.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


Available technologies such as the class-leading available up to 15 camera views† and 15" diagonal Head-Up Display let Denali drivers tow smarter, not harder.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty

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The 2021 GMC Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty is an absolute road beast because of its powertrains, which give it exceptional ability to accelerate even when it is towing substantial cargo. This GMC vehicle gives the passengers a smooth ride both on-road and off-road because of its excellent suspension system. Generally, this feature is an advantage to drivers in Baton Rouge, LA, and Louisiana because, with this car, they can drive on a rough, bumpy road, while still enjoying a smooth ride, unlike other pickup trucks. In this piece, we have outlined some of the unique features that make this GMC vehicle amazing.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty

The Exterior

The Exterior

Primarily, the back of this heavy-duty truck was engineered to tow substantial cargo. At the front of the car, there is a dual-path air condition system that allows cold air to enter into the engine's cabinet to cool it down when the vehicle is on the road. Ideally, when the cold air enters the engine it not it only cools it down, but it also maximizes its horsepower, therefore, boosting the overall performance of the car.

Moreover, the car also has some superb lighting that is more advanced, giving the vehicle adequate lighting whenever necessary. These car's tires are also made of high-quality material, meaning that they have a long durability period, and this also significantly reduces the cost of maintaining the vehicle. Besides, these car's tires also have a beautiful rim that adds a unique touch to it, making it a luxurious car.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


The Interior

Impressively, the interior of Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty is made up of excellent material, which makes the seats of this vehicle incredibly comfortable. The seats are also adjustable to enhance their comfortability if need be. Furthermore, these seats have a heating and ventilating function, which helps to increase or reduce the temperature on the seats depending on the weather. The steering wheel of this Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty also has a heating function that keeps the driver warm during cold weather.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


Advanced Technology

The technological features in this car are also impressive. For starters, its infotainment system and connectivity are outstanding because it has both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. The infotainment system in this GMC vehicle also has a unique audio system that has control buttons which are simple to use. Furthermore, it is also possible to charge your phone inside the car without using a cable, making it convenient and easy to charge a mobile phone. The infotainment system also has a touchscreen that makes it easy for you to operate it.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


The Performance

The performance of this GMC vehicle is astonishing, thanks to the impressive powertrain options it gives the user. Firstly, it comes with its standard V-8 powertrain that has a capacity of 6.6 litres, a horsepower of 401, and a 6-speed automatic transmission. You have the liberty of upgrading this V-8 engine to an impressive 445 horsepower and a ten-speed automatic transmission. This V-8 powertrain can provide this road-beast with adequate power to accelerate, even when it is towing massive cargo. Moreover, this engine is also absolutely refined, which makes its transmission to be adequately responsive.

The steering of this vehicle is also precise, enabling the driver to make sharp and smooth turns with ease. Drivers in Baton Rouge, LA, and Louisiana will be very excited about this impressive feature because it makes the car easy to drive. Moreover, this car also has a fantastic suspension system that ensures that the passengers on the vehicle enjoy a smooth ride, whatever the road conditions.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty

Safety Technologies

The Safety

Remarkably, this Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty has some excellent safety and driver-assist features that drivers in Baton Rouge, LA, and Louisiana will love. For instance, it has a collision warning system that works together with an automatic brake system, and it is very efficient in preventing accidents. Ideally, the system has a sensor that detects objects, cars, or people in front of the vehicle, and it alerts the driver to stop or move away. However, if the driver does not stop, the vehicle uses the automatic braking system to stop the vehicle.

The Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty also has a blind spot monitoring system, and it is exceptionally helpful in making the driver aware of what is in the blind-spot area. If there are any potential harms in the area that may cause an accident, the driver makes appropriate decisions to prevent it.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


Uses a brief, gentle steering wheel turn to alert you when you may be unintentionally drifting out of detected lane lines, so you can steer to stay safely in your lane. If needed, you may receive additional Lane Departure Warning alerts. System alerts do not occur if you’re using your turn signal or it detects that you are intentionally leaving your lane. Available on SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


Front and Rear Park Assist provides distance alerts to nearby detected objects to help you park and avoid objects at low speeds. Available on base Sierra HD, SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


Works with Forward Collision Alert to help you avoid or reduce the severity of a front-end collision with a detected vehicle you are following. This feature works at speeds below 50 MPH. Camera technology is used to automatically provide hard emergency braking or enhance the driver’s hard braking. Available on base Sierra HD, SLE, SLT and AT4. Standard on Denali.

GMC 2021 Sierra 2500 Heavy Duty


can alert you to detected left- or right-cross traffic behind you when in Reverse. Available on Sierra HD, SLE, SLT, and AT4. Standard on Denali.

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